Word's from Mindy Mylrea

I have been an innovator in fitness training for over 25 years and I have never been more excited about a program as I am about Tabata Bootcamp™. Tabata Bootcamp™ is not just another workout to get the fit fitter; it is a sustainable life changing program for ALL fitness levels.

I didn't want to just create another workout. I wanted to create an all-inclusive package, in which the client had 24/7 support and guidance.


Tabata Bootcamp™ trainers are now able to be interactive with their group members, via the web site and live trainings. We know how important it is to start the day off right, so we have created a 6 minute workout for each day of the bootcampers' week. The web site is the key to accountability and measurement…Food tips, homework, recipes, fitness and body assessment tracking - all on line.


The Tabata Bootcamp™ Trainer can really make a difference in peoples lives because now he or she has all the tools to do so. And what I am most proud of, is that once the Tabata Bootcamp™ instructor goes through the initial training, there is no additional fee for them. I will provide ongoing support , workouts, tips, and tricks for continued success.

Testimonials from Industry Experts

"Tabata Bootcamp™ is the full package! It provides all the tools you need to run a successful and profitable small group training program. The enriched website, one-of-a kind approach to HIIT, in addition to Mindy's effective workouts, really make this program the key for both new or even established trainers, whether working for a club or running their own small group trainings. This program has it all!"
– Jay Blahnik, IDEA, Can Fit Pro, ECA and Australian Fitness Network Fitness Instructor of the Year

" It came as no surprise to me that Mindy Mylrea took to HIIT training. Being one of the premier fitness professionals in the world she knows what works and what doesn't. But most importantly her knowledge is not just from the research, it's empirical. You see Mindy can train hard and anyone who knows her (and reading this) is smiling right now. Tabata Bootcamp falls under the category of high intensity training (HIT) and my personal experience with this type of training comes from my years of training in the Martial Arts and competing at a National level. As a trainer I knew how HIT training would dramatically improve my conditioning and aerobic output with great results. But it's not just for athletes. I use Mindy's Tabata Bootcamp™ with all my clients, teaching them that it's not how many calories you burn during the session- it's how many you burn after! The EPOC, or after burn, is the key. I highly recommend this type of training, but even more I recommend training with Mindy! That in itself is inspiring, and seeing how challenging, detailed and fun her program is! And if you train hard enough and you might just be able to keep up with her for one Tabata Bootcamp!"
– Marc Lebert, Certified Personal Trainer, Creator of the Lebert Equalizer™ , Buddy System™, and Stretch Strap™, and proprietor of Personal Strength Fitness, Inc.


"Teaching the program is not only fun, easy and profitable, but the clients see immediate results and enjoy the workouts! You don't get better than that!"
– Carol Scott, CBO of ECA World Fitness Alliance, IDEA World Fitness Expert and Presenter, Certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer


"My favorite aspect of Tabata Bootcamp™ is the extreme sense of accomplishment that students feel, each time they accomplish a Tabata Bootcamp. The instant-gratification of a short bout of VERY intense work leads to self -confidence, which keeps students coming back for more. I know I can offer my clients a realistic, time efficient method of scheduling smart fitness into their lives, and helping them achieve their goals."
– Stacey Lei Krauss, President of willPower Productions and creator of The willPower Method®, Former NIKE Elite Instructor, Lead Fitness Advisor for Vibram FiveFingers®


"Tabata Bootcamp™ really fuses the best of both worlds with the right amounts of exercise at the right intensity with healthy the benefits of a healthy eating style for an improvement in the overall quality of one's life. My favorite aspect of this program is that it's the most SANE, mindfully-orchestrated combination of movement and intensity that is so different from some of the madness out there. Tabata Bootcamp™ truly inspires me and my clients, so I know it will inspire yours...."
- Lawrence Biscontini, MA, Mindful Movement Specialist and International Best-Selling Wellness Author, Lecturer, and DVD star.