Personal Training

Imagine a solution to all of your training barriers?


  • An ideal program provides continual ideas, games, programming and exercises to keep your training sessions fresh and unique, while creating REAL results for your clients. A fitness program for you should not only be easy to implement, but efficient to manage with all the tools you need to be successful. That is what Tabata Bootcamp™ offers personal trainers.
  • Tabata Bootcamp™ is an 8 week fitness program to generate REAL results for your clients. Reinvent your training approach with health coaching, to create lasting success for your clients with a program that will change the way they eat, work out, and live. Fusing H.I.I.T. exercises, with sound nutritional guidance and research based behavior change, you'll not only provide your clients a pathway to success, but the effective method to get there.
  • It's easy to deliver hard exercise, but hard to consistently change behavior. Tabata Bootcamp™ is more than a workout and helps you coach change for those critical times when you cannot be with your clients. With your own customizable Tabata Bootcamp™ website for your clients, you'll stay connected when it matters most, and amplify your impact beyond your workouts.
  • Your trainer website will let you track your clients' progress with metabolic profiling, food logging, assessments, and achievements. You'll help them stay accountable by assigning at-home workouts, online videos covering sound eating strategies and healthy habit forming behaviors, keeping them motivated and ignited for success each step of the way.
  • Additionally, Tabata Bootcamp™ teaches you to increase your earning potential with small group training. You'll learn how to train multiple people at the same time, and how to fuse a super support small group culture within your group both through your customized Tabata Bootcamp™ website and in your group workouts. Through your coaching, and the magic created within the small group, you'll help your clients achieve maximum results while they support and motivate one another.
  • Unleash your potential as a trainer. As a Tabata Bootcamp™ Trainer, you can train where you want, with what equipment you like. Tabata Bootcamp lets you harness your own specialties and favorite equipment into your workouts, keeping your programming original, unique, versatile, and fresh. With almost 200 online video workouts, you'll continually be able to deliver cutting-edge and in-demand programming for all levels of fitness.
  • The research based H.I.I.T-inspired framework multiplies your options for creativity, while providing enough structure to make smart program design easy for you. And the big impact comes when you use the website to connect with your clients and they stay active every day, make smarter food choices, and connect with each other. This program puts you in the center of your clients' transformations. Reinvent your trainer career with Tabata Bootcamp™ and health coaching!


Become a Tabata Bootcamp™ Trainer today!

  • Included in your Tabata Bootcamp™ certification
    • Tabata Bootcamp™ Trainer Manual
    • 360 Miracle Nutrition Manual
    • Figure 8 Resistance Tubing
    • Backpack
    • Web Membership
    • Ongoing Online Educational Support
    • Discounts of Fitness Equipment  – exclusive to Tabata Bootcamp Trainers!
    • No licensing fees or re-certification fees
    • CEC's - Canada - AFLCA 8, BCRPA 8, canfitpro 4 FIS & 4 PTS, CSEP 8 (G), MFC 5, SPRA 6